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Adapted Sivananda Yoga Course
with Lila Lolling, ERYT500 & Jennifer Chadukiewicz, E-RYT, YACEP

Wednesday, August 8 - Wednesday, August 15

Adapted Sivananda Yoga Course | Sivananda Ashram Yoga Ranch| New York


Lila Lolling
Jennifer Chadukiewicz

Tuition: $350 + Accommodation or Ashram day rate

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The Adapted Sivananda Yoga Course is a week-long certification program designed for yoga teachers to learn modified variations of the Sivananda sequence. In our modern times of increased stress and immobility (seated culture), we are noticing a rising number of people who need modifications to traditional asanas in order to be safe and effective.

This week-long program trains yoga teachers how to adapt, adjust, and accommodate every body for the Sivananda Hatha Yoga sequence. Each day you will learn anatomy from the perspective of various physical ailments while embodying the teachings in your own body to give you a greater sense of assessment and application; the foundational principles of adapting yoga.

Lila Lolling, ERYT500 leads the certification program by teaching majority of the program. She teaches anatomy from a general, functionality perspective, giving students the understanding how the body works as a unit. Jennifer “Anandi Devi” Chadukiewicz, ERYT200 specializes in guiding chair yoga and geriatric yoga classes and the necessary theory and practices to guide gentle yoga classes. The two make an amazing team of teachers who share their knowledge and wisdoms freely, giving plenty of room for self-exploration for each participant.

Upon graduation from this course, yoga teachers will feel confident in creating a safe and welcoming environment for students of a variety of ailments.

Registration Information

The course tuition (listed above) is for the whole program. Your accommodation rate includes meals, Satsangs, and Hatha yoga classes which are offered daily. * ASL interpretation is available for this course, please contact [email protected] for details.

Day One: Wednesday, August 8

2:30pm – Meet and Greet with Course Intentions
4:00pm – Sivananda Hatha Yoga Class (personal practice)
8:00pm – Course Inauguration (during Satsang) – can arrive up until this session

Day Two: Thursday, August 9

12:00pm-1:00pm – Teaching Gentle Yoga Principles & Theory
2:00pm-3:30pm – Foundation of Being: Structural Body and its Main Components
4:00pm – Yoga for Spinal Injuries and Scoliosis Practicum

Day Three: Friday, August 10

12:00pm-1:00pm – Finding the Proper Seat – understanding how to sit properly in chair, on the floor, etc.
2:00pm-3:30pm – Spinal Column Health in Daily Life & Yoga
4:00pm – Yoga for a Seated Culture Practicum

Day Four: Saturday, August 11

8:00am – Gentle Hatha Yoga Class with Ananda Devi (open gentle class)
12:00pm-2:30pm – Beauty of Intrinsic Movement: Respiratory & Circulatory Systems
4:00pm – Yoga for Fuller Bodies and Adapted Pranayama

Day Five: Sunday, August 12

12:00pm-2:30pm – Anatomy and Principles of Prenatal Yoga with Lila & Ananda Devi
4:00pm – Prenatal Yoga Class Practicum

Day Six: Monday, August 13

8:00am – Gentle Yoga with Ananda Devi
12:00pm-2:30pm – Geriatric & Osteoarthritis Informed Asana Adaptions with Ananda Devi
4:00pm – Chair Yoga with Ananda Devi

Day Seven: Tuesday, August 14

12:00pm-1:00pm – Understanding Trauma and its impact on your body/mind
2:00pm-3:30pm – Trauma Sensitive Yoga Principles
4:00pm – Yoga for Nervous System Health with Ananda Devi

Day Eight: Wednesday, August 15

8:00am – Chair/Floor Yoga, Class 2 with Ananda Devi
12:00pm-2:30pm – Final Review and Q&A
4:00pm – Teaching Practicums
8:00pm – Graduation at Satsang

Topics of Study

• Basic Pranayama – for beginners and those with respiratory issues
• Spinal Column Health – safe inversions, disc injuries, herniation, scoliosis
• Yoga for Full Bodies – gentle variations for people with obesity
• Yoga for Stiff Bodies – variations for seated lifestyles
• Prenatal Yoga – moving safely and with ease
• Trauma Sensitive Yoga – supporting students in moving through trauma

Arrival & Departure Information

•   Wednesday – 2:00pm onwards
•   Wednesday – 12:00pm (room checkout)

Planning to arrive and depart here by bus?  See more information.

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Lila Saraswati Lolling

The course will be taught by Lila Lolling who has been teaching Sivananda Yoga for over 16 years. Lila completed the Sivananda TTC in 2000, ATTC in 2011, and Sadhana Intensive in 2014. Lila continues to study and teach at various Sivananda Yoga Vedanta Centers worldwide. She has been assisting TTCs in America since 2008 and recently in India. Over the years, Lila has been studying and incorporating techniques to adapt yoga postures from a therapeutic-based perspective for the growing number of students in need. The ASYC is her endeavor to share that knowledge with other teachers and encourage them to reach out to specialized populations with ease and confidence. Lila is the founder of the DeafYoga Foundation and Saraswati Yoga School. She has been working with students who are Deaf, Hard of Hearing, Blind or have low vision. She has also worked with people who have cerebral palsy, epilepsy, autism, herniated discs, and a variety of sports injuries. www.lilalolling.com

Jennifer Chadukiewicz

Jennifer Chadukiewicz “Ananda Devi”, E-RYT, YACEP, has been a yoga practitioner since 2001. Her interest quickly expanded to the spiritual path of yoga and she studied with Vedanta teachers for several years before receiving her first Yoga Alliance 200-hour teaching certificate “Yoga for Every Body” through SRY in Glastonbury, CT. Jennifer continued her study of the Scriptures with the teachers within the Sivananda Organization. Jennifer discovered her true love for teaching the Classical Hatha Yoga while on retreat at the Sivananda Yoga Ranch. She received an additional 200-hour Sivananda Teacher Training from the Sivananda Organization in 2011. Jennifer has furthered her studies with the Sivananda Organization to include Sadhana Intensives, the Adapted Sivananda Yoga Course, exploring Yoga of Recovery ©, and practicing Ayurveda. Jennifer has taken the adaptability so dear to the “Yoga for Every Body”, and the Sivananda missive “Adapt, Adjust, Accommodate” and combined them with Sivananda Classical Hatha Yoga class. This has resulted in an enjoyable class adaptable and accessible for all students. Jennifer has over 900 hours of Yoga Alliance Teacher Training and in addition to the Sivananda open class she is well known for her Chair Yoga classes, Matching Pictures © workshops, Yoga Vedanta Philosophy teachings, and supplemental Yoga Teacher Training in the Central Connecticut area. Jennifer is also an RCP, Recovery Coach Professional, and is a woman in long-term recovery and is the Recovery Coach Program Manager for CCAR in Connecticut.

The Ranch's Daily Schedule

5:30amWake Up
6:00amSatsang or Silent Walk
8:00amHatha Yoga Class
11:00amKarma Yoga
12:00pmAfternoon Program
& Free Time
4:00pmHatha Yoga Class
10:30pmLights Out

Satsang & Yoga Classes

Satsang consists of a 30-minute silent meditation, followed by 30 minutes of spiritual chanting (kirtan), and finishes with 30 minutes of spiritual lecture.
Daily attendance at both Satsangs and Hatha Yoga Classes is encouraged for your health and well-being and to maintain the proper rhythm and atmosphere of the ashram community.

Sivananda Yoga Ranch


Wednesday, August 8
Wednesday, August 15


Sivananda Yoga Ranch
500 Budd Rd
Woodbourne, NY 12788


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