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Adapted Sivananda Yoga Course
with Lila Lolling & Jennifer Chadukiewicz (Ananda Devi)

Wednesday, July 5, 2017 - Thursday, July 13, 2017

Adapted Sivananda Yoga Course | Sivananda Ashram Yoga Ranch| New York


Lila Lolling
Jennifer Chadukiewicz (Ananda Devi)


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This 8-day certified yoga course offers yoga teachers gentle variations for their students who may have a variety of health conditions or injuries. During this course, we discuss such topics as spinal injury, scoliosis, spinal health, proper seating, yoga for inflexibility and immobility. We also offer specialized classes for prenatal yoga, chair yoga, yoga for the blind, and yoga for the Deaf and Hard of Hearing.

This course is more than learning simple adaptations to incorporate into your Sivananda basic class, this is also a course that helps you to realize that yoga is for everyone and every body. Many participants state that this course opens their eyes to the vast world of being in service. When we are in service to humanity as a whole, we can bring these ancient principles and these wonderful teachings of healing and inspiration to absolutely everyone.

This course is fun and lighthearted. Each day you will participate in a general anatomy class, experience hands-on adaptations, and also participate in a specialized yoga class. This gives you an embodied experience and knowledge to be able to go home and adapt students in your Sivananda basic class or the skills to provide specialized yoga classes for a variety of populations.

* ASL interpretation is available for this course, please contact lilalolling@me.com for details.

Day One

2:30pm – Meet and Greet: Course Introductions and Intentions
4:00pm – Sivananda Hatha Yoga Class with Ashram
8:00pm – Course Inauguration during Satsang

Day Two

8:00am – Gentle Sivananda Hatha Yoga with Lila
12:00pm – Teaching Gentle Yoga – Principles and Practices
4:00pm – Introduction to the Skeletal System

Day Three

8:00am – Continuation of Skeletal System including Hyperextension
12:00pm – Understanding Common Spinal Column Injuries
4:00pm – Yoga for Spinal Injuries – group discussion following

Day Four

12:00pm – Respiratory and Circulatory Systems
4:00pm – Teaching Gentle Pranayama and Gentle Sun Salutations

Day Five

12:00pm – Fascia & Muscles: Their relationship to Inflexibility and Immobility
4:00pm – Chair Yoga with Jennifer (Ananda Devi)

Day Six

8:00am – Teaching Practicum – Implementing the Knowledge
12:00pm – Principles and Practices for Teaching Prenatal Yoga
4:00pm – Prenatal Yoga class

Day Seven

8:00am – Visual Yoga – Yoga for Deaf and Hard of Hearing. Ear Anatomy
12:00pm – Nervous System and Importance of Proper Relaxation
4:00pm – Verbally Descriptive Yoga – Yoga for Blind and Low Vision. Eye Anatomy

Day Eight

8:00am – Sivananda Open Class with Integrative Adaptations
12:00pm – Final Review
4:00pm – Group Closing
8:00pm – Graduation at Satsang


• Adapted Yoga for Spinal Injuries
• Identifying and Correcting Hyperextension
• Prenatal Yoga
• Chair Yoga
• Yoga for Bigger Bodies
• Yoga for Deaf and Hard of Hearing
• Yoga for Blind and Low Vision

This is a certified course accredited by the International Sivananda Organization and Yoga Alliance.

It is designed to provide the teacher with proper information about how to guide a class with specific variations which aid to build a student up to the Sivananda Yoga Open Class. Since TTC is the standard series with more advanced variations, this course is designed to offer everything below the open class. Lila Lolling uses anatomical investigations throughout the course and hands on tips and techniques for learning.

Arrival & Departure Information

•   Wednesday – 2:00pm
•   Thursday – 12:00pm (room checkout)

Planning to arrive and depart here by bus?  See more information.

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Lila Lolling

The course will be taught by Lila Lolling who has been teaching Sivananda Yoga for over 16 years. Lila completed the Sivananda TTC in 2000, ATTC in 2011, and Sadhana Intensive in 2014. Lila continues to study and teach at various Sivananda Yoga Vedanta Centers worldwide. She has been assisting TTCs in America since 2008 and recently in India. Over the years, Lila has been studying and incorporating techniques to adapt yoga postures from a therapeutic-based perspective for the growing number of students in need. The ASYC is her endeavor to share that knowledge with other teachers and encourage them to reach out to specialized populations with ease and confidence. Lila is the founder of the DeafYoga Foundation and Saraswati Yoga School. She has been working with students who are Deaf, Hard of Hearing, Blind or have low vision. She has also worked with people who have cerebral palsy, epilepsy, autism, herniated discs, and a variety of sports injuries. www.lilalolling.com

Jennifer Chadukiewicz (Ananda Devi)

Jennifer Chadukiewicz (Ananda Devi) E-RYT has been teaching yoga since 2009, offering the Sivananda Classical Hatha Yoga teachings in an accessible way for first time yogis or those needing extra guidance and modifications. Ananda Devi has over 800 hours of Yoga Alliance Teacher Training and teaches regularly in the Central Connecticut.

The Ranch's Daily Schedule

5:30amWake Up
6:00amSatsang or Silent Walk
8:00amHatha Yoga Class
11:00amKarma Yoga
12:00pmAfternoon Program
& Free Time
4:00pmHatha Yoga Class
10:30pmLights Out

Satsang & Yoga Classes

Satsang consists of a 30-minute silent meditation, followed by 30 minutes of spiritual chanting (kirtan), and finishes with 30 minutes of spiritual lecture.
Daily attendance at both Satsangs and Hatha Yoga Classes is encouraged for your health and well-being and to maintain the proper rhythm and atmosphere of the ashram community.

Sivananda Yoga Ranch


Wednesday, July 5, 2017
Thursday, July 13, 2017


Sivananda Yoga Ranch
500 Budd Rd
Woodbourne, NY 12788


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