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Bharata Natyam Dance
with the Shubanjali School of Performing Art

Sunday, July 14, 2019 - Monday, July 15, 2019

Bharata Natyam Dance at the Sivananda Yoga Ranch


Shubanjali: School of Performing Art

Tuition: Accommodation or Ashram day rate only

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An ancient traditional art form with its origins steeped in divinity, Bharata Natyam reflects the culture of South India. The dancers use the space as their own sacred temple and bring the audience into the magical circle. In the performances the dancers expressively depict the stories of Gods and Goddesses from Indian mythology.

Founded in 1992, the Shubanjali School of Performing Arts aims to promote Indian classical performing art forms to bring people in contact with the creativity of Indian classical (Bharatnatyam) and folk dances of India along with traditional carnatic music and theatre (drama), thereby making the Indian art forms an important cultural force within the U.S. performing arts scene. Shubanjali promotes the values of Indian culture, preserves ancient art forms and forges links among Indian, US and other cultures. Shubanjali is not just a dance school, but also a well-conceived methodology, whereby, the unique curriculum allows the student to develop a thorough understanding of the art through the systematic study of technique, culture and representation of Indian classical music and dance to a global audience. The organization serves both Indian and American communities. It allows the younger generation Indo-Americans to be exposed to the rich culture and traditions of their homeland. At the same time, it brings about a greater understanding of the Indian culture to the American audiences.

Registration Information

The course tuition (listed above) is for the whole program. Your accommodation rate includes meals, Satsangs, and Hatha yoga classes which are offered daily.

Program Schedule


2:00pm      Check-in
4:00pm      Hatha Yoga Class
6:00pm      Dinner
8:00pm      Special Satsang with Dance*
10:30pm    Lights Out


5:30am      Wake Up Bell
6:00am      Satsang* or Silent Walk
8:00am      Hatha Yoga Class
10:00am    Brunch
10:45am    Karma Yoga
12:00pm    Room Check-Out

* Satsang – 30-minute silent meditation, kirtan / chanting, spiritual lecture.
Daily activity schedule, and/or possible changes, will be announced at morning Satsang.

Arrival & Departure Information

•   Sunday – 2:00pm onwards
•   Monday – 12:00pm (room checkout)

Planning to arrive and depart here by bus?  See more information.

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Guru Suba Ramesh Parmar

Guru Suba Parmar, Founder, Shubanjali School of Performing Arts, is a highly sought after dancer, teacher and choreographer in the NJ area and a proponent of the vintage Pandanallur style of Bharatanatyam. She is the direct disciple of Kalaimamani Guru Indra Rajan and Pandanallur Srinivasa Pillai, both acclaimed doyens of this respected tradition. Guru Suba is recognized as a pioneer in the arts community and her original artistic creations have received rave reviews from critics and connoisseurs. She conducted her 85th Arangetram this year. She is the recipient of many prestigious awards including the Presidential Scholar’s “Most Influential Teacher Award” in 2015 by the Obama Administration. The coveted Balasaraswati Award of Excellence was presented to her by Muthamizh Peravai, in Chennai, India in recognition of her outstanding contribution to the promotion of Arts in the US. She also received the “New Jersey Naatya Kalanidhi” award presented by the Krishna Vrundavana Temple in 2015 and the most recent “Lifetime Achievement Award” by Spandana, NJ. Over the years, Guru Suba Parmar has evolved a rigorous methodology that inspires students to develop a thorough understanding of this fine art. The school has won many laurels in competition nationally and has created promising dancers who are pretty well acclaimed in the professional scene. Shubanjali’s laurels extend beyond teaching, and the organization has received rave reviews for its exemplary original dance productions, including ‘Santa N’ Shiva,’ Rendezvous with Shubanjali’, ‘Splash the Wonder,’ ‘Tales of Krishna,’ ‘Chauladevi,’ ‘Beauty and the Beast,’ ‘Lured by the Myths’, ‘Oneness’, ‘Tribute to the Legends’, ‘Tattva Tapas Tejas”, TATHASTU, among many others. Over the years, Guru Suba Parmar has evolved a rigorous methodology that inspires students to develop a thorough understanding of this fine art. The school has won many laurels in competitions nationally and has created promising dancers who are pretty well acclaimed in the professional scene. She has been regularly performing for the Sivananda Organizations world-wide for over 25 Years in US, Canada, Bahamas, Soth America and Europe). She is an excellent storyteller and through the medium of Indian classical dance, brings to life the philosophy and stories from Mythology making them understandable to global audiences.

Guru S.K. Suresh

Guru S. K. Suresh is a veteran artiste and an internationally recognized Nattuvanar, Vocalist, Dancer, Composer and Choreographer. He hails from a traditional family of musicians. His father and guru Pandanallur P.V.Kalidas is a renowned nagaswara vidwan, of the pandanallur lineage. S.K.Suresh is a grand nephew of the veteran Guru Kalaimamani, Sangeetha Kala Sikhamani Sri Swamimalai S.K. Rajarathnam Pillai. He underwent rigorous training for a decade in Dance, Music and Nattuvangam from him. He learnt vocal music from the illustrious Nagaswara Vidwan Thirucherai T.V.S. Sivasubramania Pillai and further training from the violin maestro Lalgudi G. Jayaraman. He is an ‘A’ grade vocal artist of the All India Radio. He holds Bachelor’s degree in music, Master’s in Bharatanatyam from the Madras University. He has also done M.Phil in music. At present Suresh is working as a guest faculty at the Madras University Indian Music Department and Kalakshetra. Suresh belongs to the rare group of artists who can conduct a full-fledged dance recital with nattuvangam(wielding of cymbals) while providing vocal accompaniment simultaneously. He has received numerous titles including, Kanchi Kamakotipeetam Astana Vidwan Title from Kanchi Shankaracharyar in 2010. Ustad Bismillah Khan YUVA PURASKAR 2010 from the Sangeet Natak Academi New Delhi in 2010. Natya Sangeetha Kala Bharathi from Bhatrat Kalachar Chennai in 2011. Suresh is a founder Director of ‘Samarpana Academy of Fine Arts’, Chennai, where he teaches Bharatanatyam and vocal music. He joined Shubanjali as Co Artistic Director and will lead the artistic efforts of the school in the US.

Shri Ravi Srinivasan

Ravi Srinivasan had his initial exposure to Carnatic Music from violinist Sri Anoor S. Ramakrishna of the Ayyanar College of Music. He had further training in violin and vocal from Sri H. V. Srivatsan and Sri Palghat K. V. Narayanaswamy. He is currently receiving guidance from violinist Sri Mullaivasal G. Chandramouli and Smt. Padma Narayanaswamy. He is also proficient in Western classical music, initially studying through l’Association des Cordes de la Rive-Sud, graduating through the McGill Conservatory of Music and participating in the Stanford Orchestra. He has performed and received awards at multiple sabhas in India as well as in North America. He is a patron and former trustee of the Carnatic Music Association of North America.

Shri Sabarinath Ramachandran

Sabarinath Ramachandran is A Junior from South Brunswick High School. She has started learning mridangam from his father and continued under Sri. Akshay and Sri Ganesh Kumar. Currently Sabari is mentored and student of Guru Sri. Nandakumar. She have accompanied Padmasri A Kanyakumari, Sankaran Namboothiri, T S Krishnamurthy and well knows other musicians.

The Ranch's Daily Schedule

5:30amWake Up
6:00amSatsang or Silent Walk
8:00amHatha Yoga Class
11:00amKarma Yoga
12:00pmAfternoon Program
& Free Time
4:00pmHatha Yoga Class
10:30pmLights Out

Satsang & Yoga Classes

Satsang consists of a 30-minute silent meditation, followed by 30 minutes of spiritual chanting (kirtan), and finishes with 30 minutes of spiritual lecture.
Daily attendance at both Satsangs and Hatha Yoga Classes is encouraged for your health and well-being and to maintain the proper rhythm and atmosphere of the ashram community.

Sivananda Yoga Ranch


Sunday, July 14, 2019
Monday, July 15, 2019


Sivananda Yoga Ranch
500 Budd Rd
Woodbourne, NY 12788


The Sivananda Yoga Ranch