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Dharma, my Mission in Life Retreat Weekend Retreatwith Satyadev & Satyabhama

Friday, September 13 @ 2:00 pm - Sunday, September 15 @ 12:00 pm EDT

Cost: $70 + Accommodations


In communities of bees and ants, each individual is born with a special mission. The entire ecosystem behaves as one spiritual collectivity, in which each one of its parts works, intuitively and naturally, to achieve harmony within the entire community.

If we take a closer look, we will see that the same is true for the community of human beings. Nature is infinitely intelligent and perfect and it is thus impossible to even consider the possibility of human beings existing without a special mission to accomplish on this earth. Every individual has a special purpose in life, a unique gift, and a special talent to offer to others and the universe.

When we are performing this mission for which we were born, we lose all notion of time and step into a state of timeless awareness. By doing this, we make the best contribution we can give to ourselves and the universe. In Sanskrit, this is known as the Law of Dharma.

Nature has its mechanism to ensure that everyone accomplishes his/her mission in life: It makes us feel bored and unsatisfied when we are not doing what we are supposed to do to accomplish the unique purpose of our existence. So, when we feel bored and unsatisfied, we should stop and consider that nature is telling us to stop and take the place we were meant to take and do the work we were meant to do.

Yoga philosophy offers us the tools to find our dharma, and our mission in life, and the purpose of this course is to provide you with these tools so that you can find your dharma and efficiently contribute to the well-being of the world. This weekend retreat is ideal for everyone who is in search of a more meaningful life.

Program Schedule


2:00pm      Check-in
4:00pm      Hatha Yoga Class
6:00pm      Dinner
7:00pm      Orientation
8:00pm      Satsang*
10:30pm    Lights Out


5:30am      Wake Up Bell
6:00am      Satsang* or Silent Walk
8:00am      Hatha Yoga Class
10:00am    Brunch
1:00 pm    Workshop
4:00pm     Dedicated Relaxation Time = whether Hatha Yoga, yoga nidra, or time in nature.
6:00pm      Dinner
8:00pm      Satsang – devotional voice of raga singing with our special guest: Silvia Nakkach-Knapp.
10:30pm    Lights Out


5:30am      Wake Up Bell
6:00am      Satsang* or Silent Walk
8:00am      Hatha Yoga Class
10:00am    Brunch
11:00am    Closing Circle
12:00pm    Room Check-Out

* Satsang – 30-minute silent meditation, kirtan / chanting, spiritual lecture.
Daily activity schedule, and/or possible changes, will be announced at morning Satsang.

Arrival & Departure Information

•   Thursday – 2:00pm
•   Sunday – 12:00pm (room checkout)
Planning to arrive and depart here by bus?
See more information.

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Satyadev and Satyabhama

Satyadev (from Germany) is an Advanced Sivananda Yoga Teacher and since 2005 is one of the main Hatha Yoga teachers in the Sivananda Yoga Teacher Training Courses in the Bahamas, Colombia, and Argentina. And together with Satyabhama (from Colombia) are called to share the valuable teachings that have given them a lot of internal wealth in their lives.


Friday, September 13 @ 2:00 pm UTC-4
Sunday, September 15 @ 12:00 pm UTC-4


Sivananda Yoga Ranch
500 Budd Rd
Woodbourne, NY 12788 United States


The Sivananda Yoga Ranch