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Essentials of Yoga Health & Self Healingwith Swami Jnaneswariananda and Swami Dharmananda

Sivananda Yoga Ranch 500 Budd Rd, Woodbourne

More than 70% of doctor visits are due to diseases or health conditions caused by stress. Stress adversely affects physical, mental/emotional, and spiritual health if untreated for long periods of time. This retreat will help you to recognize the sources of stress in your daily life and provides the Yogic tools to increase one's stress resilience and cultivate a positive outlook on life as we address our lifestyle choices and how to change them.

Yoga For Health and Happiness at the Sivananda Yoga Ranch

Yoga for Stress & Anxietywith Staff

Sivananda Yoga Ranch 500 Budd Rd, Woodbourne

Renew your outlook on life with the ancient tools of Yoga. Learn practical and accessible Yoga techniques to open the heart, to generate positive thought patterns and to overcome negative tendencies. In this atmosphere, it is difficult for us to access our innate positive and joyful nature, and to remember the goodness of human beings and the grace of God. This course delivers practical Yoga tools to recharge and reconnect with the beauty and meaning of your life. We can not change the external but we can change our outlook towards it.

Sivananda Yoga Ranch