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  •   Many thanks for all the staff ! Great energy, full of welcoming smiles and kindness. My stay were very nice thanks to all of u! Will miss the place, the classes & the satsang! Thanks for the super vegetarian food! A lot of work but...More

    thumb elsabartolucci5

      Om Namah Shivaya, I feel a need to share this special information because I believe that the energy we cultivate is very transforming. I wanted to thank the Karma Yogis at Sivananda for the healing you cultivate in your practices, making the world a more...More

    thumb Catherine C
  •   This was a perfect weekend away. I love visiting an ashram because of the spiritual peace found there. This is a beautiful location; I could have just stared at the distant mountains all day. The yoga practice was amazing; I felt relaxed and reflective during...More

    thumb Journey91903

      Amazing experience. Awesome location and views - lots of greenery and fresh air. Great people all around. Very helpful, pleasant and helpful. Great yoga teachers. Fairly busy daily schedule. A great way to rejuvenate yourself away from the daily hustle and bustle of the city....More

    thumb Ram V
  •   I have been coming to Sivananada every weekend that I am free as I always come back with my life batteries fully recharged from this place. I am learning to enjoy more and more the teachings of Hatha yoga and the yogi life philosophy that...More

    thumb Soummo M

      Hello! I cannot day enough positive things about Sivananda Ashram. It is a beautiful, majestically magical place. Located on 77 acres of gorgeous mountain terrain with temples, ponds, flower gardens, a farm, solar panels, a forrest, sweat lodge, trees, bees 🐝 and so much more!...More

    thumb Nitya V
  •   I have been here several times and always have a great experience and leave feeling uplifted. It's not only a wonderful escape from the city, and a great place for yoga & meditation, but the community is superb. Great place to meet awesome people. The...More

    thumb Marie H

      I went for few days as a guest to recharge my batteries, detach a little from everyday busy routines and find some peace and quiet. It was very pleasant! I loved the morning and afternoon yoga classes, the walks in the woods, the healthy food...More

    thumb Sabrina M
  •   The best place to go deeper into your practice or just reset. just imagine a place where time is not relevant. The bell wakes you up at 5:30. You take a shower and go to meditation and Satsang at 6:00 am for about an hour....More

    thumb Vlad S

      The first time I visited the yoga ranch was 2.5 years ago. I never traveled alone, I only had taken a few 'gym style' yoga classes, and my life was quite a mess. I ended up staying for 2 weeks and left feeling much more...More

    thumb Stephanie C

Relax and Rejuvenate

Yogic Living in the Catskill Mountains

Guest Information | Yoga Vacation | Sivananda Yoga Ranch | Catskill Mountain Vacations

Greetings from The Ranch

Welcome to our Catskill Mountain retreat, just two hours from New York City, where we provide an ideal environment for meditation, contemplation, rest and relaxation. The Yoga Ranch is a wonderful, sacred space where guests and students alike can come and discover Yoga’s powerful tools for personal growth.

Come by yourself, bring a friend, or bring your whole family. Come up for the day or spend a couple weeks with us. Our volunteer staff is always happy to welcome and assist you in your stay. We look forward to seeing you.


A Guest Favorite

Day Passes

Guest Information | Yoga Vacation | Sivananda Yoga Ranch | Catskill Mountain Vacations

The Daily Schedule

6:00am     Satsang*
8:00am     Hatha Yoga Class
10:00am    Vegetarian Brunch
10:45am     Karma Yoga
12:00pm    Optional Activity
2:00pm     Lecture or Free Time
4:00pm     Hatha Yoga Class
6:00pm     Vegetarian Dinner
8:00pm     Satsang
10:30pm    Lights out

* Satsang consists of: silent meditation, kirtan/chanting, spiritual lecture

Guest Information | Yoga Vacation | Sivananda Yoga Ranch | Catskill Mountain Vacations

Hatha Yoga Classes

Sivananda Yoga is a traditional, slow paced, meditative class that helps encourage flexibility, strength and vitality in the body while calming the mind. Both the morning and the afternoon Hatha Yoga classes are two hours and suited for all experience levels.

Each class includes pranayama (breathing exercises), warm-ups including Sun Salutations (Surya Namaskar), 12 basic asanas (postures) and deep relaxation. The focus is on mastering the basic asanas from which variations are then added to further deepen the practice.

You are welcome to bring your own yoga mat if you wish, although we do have community yoga mats that you are welcome to borrow should you need one. Please avoid wearing low cut or see-through clothing. If you have any injuries or health conditions, please be sure to communicate to our yoga teachers prior to the beginning of class to ensure your safety and to educate you about which variations are nicely suited for you.

A Common Question

“What is ashram appropriate attire?”

Great question. Here’s the quick and easy answer. As the ashram is a spiritual community and place of practice, we simply ask that clothing be respectable and modest. Guests are invited to dress in casual, comfortable clothes suitable for warm days and cool evenings – much like you might at home among friends.

Around the ashram, typical seasonal attire, including shorts, skirts, and summer tops, is completely appropriate (though halter tops, low necklines, and the the less modest alternatives are not). As a general rule of thumb, clothing that covers your shoulders and knees is best, and especially during Satsang.

In Satsang and the temples, knees and shoulders should be covered. We recommend bringing a shawl or wrap. Of course when relaxing in the Russian Sauna, bathing suits are worn. And that’s it. Pretty easy, right? Here’s the local weather forecast to assist you in your planning.

Guest Information | Yoga Vacation | Sivananda Yoga Ranch | Catskill Mountain Vacations

Russian Sauna at Sivananda Yoga Ranch

Sauna Information

Our traditional Russian Banya, or wood-burning sauna, is a favorite among guests seeking detoxification, wanting to soothe sore muscles, or simply looking for a warm place for reflection. The panoramic view of the pond and forest as you step inside is ideal for contemplation and deepening the sense of relaxation. There is a rinse-only shower located inside and outside the sauna building. This is a co-ed sauna, so please wear a bathing suit.

Sauna Hours
Saturday & Sunday, 11am – 7pm

Guidelines for your Russian Banya Experience

  • Wear a bathing suit.
  • Please keep talking to a minimum.
  • Drink plenty of fluids before and after your sauna experience.
  • Be aware that water and pipes in the sauna are extremely hot. Please use caution when using the showers.
  • Once the shower runs for a few moments, the water will become colder.
  • If you notice that the sauna heat is low, please notify the staff. Only Yoga Ranch staff is allowed to stock the sauna with wood.
  • Take all belongings with you. If you forget something in the sauna, please go to reception and check if it has been brought to our Lost and Found.
  • Close the doors and turn off lights when leaving.



Guest Information | Yoga Vacation | Sivananda Yoga Ranch | Catskill Mountain Vacations

The Ashram Boutique

Our onsite boutique offers a vast collection of classical Yoga books from the leading authorities on Yoga – including Swami Sivananda and several of his disciples – as well a wide selection of Yoga music, meditation tools, and other Yoga products to help you deepen your spiritual practice. Enjoy a diverse selection of health food goodies and yoga accessories, including yoga mats and bags, incense, malas (prayer beads), and decorative items for your home altar. We’re easy to find – we’re just to the left of the front desk. If the doors are open, come on in! We love having visitors.

  • "Only in ashrams can students really start on the spiritual path, do intense sadhana and get into the vibration."

    - Swami Vishnudevananda

What to Bring

Useful items for your stay include:

  • Yoga mat
  • Meditation shawl
  • Japa mala (prayer) beads
  • Slip-on sandals or slippers (indoor-only)
  • Swimsuit
  • Rain gear
  • Travel mug or tumbler (for hot tea)
  • Hiking/walking shoes
  • Personal toiletries
  • Ear plugs (the ashram is a shared environment)
  • Alarm clock
  • Flashlight
  • Insect repellent
  • Water bottle
  • For tent space only: bring your own tent, bedding, and towels



Allow Google Maps to navigate your trip.

Directions Here

Taking the Bus Here

How the Process Works

Traveling to the Ranch by the Shortline bus takes roughly 2.5 hours. The trip requires two bus tickets: one ticket from New York City to Monticello and another ticket from Monticello onto Woodbourne. The cost is roughly $34 total for the two tickets ($68 round-trip).

For our guests’ convenience, we happily offer both pickup and drop-off shuttle service from the Citgo bus stop in Woodbourne.

Your initial bus trip purchase from NYC onto Woodbourne can be made at the Port Authority in NYC. Your return bus trip can be purchased there as well, or here – at a 10% discount to what it costs in the City.

Bus schedule from NYC


Bus schedule to NYC


Address & Contact

Sivananda Yoga Ranch
500 Budd Road
Woodbourne, NY 12788


Ticket & Travel Information

Already made it to the Port Authority? Great. Please let the bus services ticket agent (stationed on the 2nd floor) know you’d like to purchase a bus trip through Monticello onto Woodbourne (two tickets: ~$34).

Once you complete the first leg of the trip and arrive in Monticello, please give us a call to let us know. The next bus ride from Monticello to Woodbourne is a local route, making stops at places like Walmart, the gas station, and the grocery store. Please let the bus driver know that you want to get dropped off at the Citgo gas station in Woodburne; and welcome to life in a small town!

We will be waiting for you at the bus stop. If for any reason you arrive and our shuttle service isn’t there waiting to greet you, please give us a quick call and we will be right there to pick you up.

Flying into New York

Which Airport?

Although there are several airports in the greater New York City area, and they all have shuttle/transit service to New York’s Port Authority, the one we recommend is LaGuardia Airport for its being the easiest in getting to the Port Authority and then taking the bus to the Sivananda Yoga Ranch. Please see above for additional taking the bus details.


Helpful Reminders

The Yoga Ranch is an ashram with a very special spiritual atmosphere. To be here is to share in the practice together, honoring both our highest selves and that of others. In order to truly tap into all the rejuvenating effects of a yoga vacation, we encourage everyone to attend both Satsangs and yoga classes daily. We also ask that silence is observed from 10:30 pm to 6:00 am so that all can have a restful sleep and a peaceful mind before morning Satsang.

The more you can tune in and really soak in the natural peace of our environment and community, the better your body and mind will feel overall. You can begin by detaching from your cell phone, especially during Satsang. If using it as a recording device during the spiritual lecture (as it is a nice way to deepen your learning), just ensure that you have put it into silent/airplane mode and turned off all alarms and noise making apps before leaving your room. Inner peace is an amazing gift to share. Remember the practice.

Please review our Complete Ashram Guidelines, Rules & Policies.

Ashram Etiquette

These guidelines are presented as a tool for maintaining the spiritual atmosphere of the Yoga Ranch. By honoring the spiritual nature, all who come here are able to enjoy introspection, connection, and rejuvenation on all levels of the psyche. We appreciate your willingness to honor these sacred guidelines for the benefit of all.

Swami Vishnu | Sivananda Yoga Ranch in the Catskill Mountains

Siva Temple | Sivananda Yoga Ranch

Siva Temple | Sivananda Yoga Ranch

Ashram Guidelines

We are a Yoga retreat with organized, pre-scheduled activities. Attendance at Satsang (meditation sessions) and asana classes (yogic exercises) is required in order to maintain the proper rhythm and atmosphere of the ashram. If you have special needs that affect your participation, please let us know. Guests with specific physical conditions are also encouraged to inform your yoga teacher so that we may help you modify your practice to what works best for your particular situation.

Please respect the meditation room etiquette: Do not lie down or point your feet towards the altar or teachers, and do not place your feet on the chant books.

Karma Yoga (selfless service) is observed from 11:00 a.m. to noon.

The Yoga Ranch is strictly vegetarian. Meat, fowl, fish, and eggs are not allowed on the grounds. Garlic and onions are also not allowed in the Yogic diet.

No alcohol, drugs, weapons, or tobacco are allowed on the Yoga Ranch grounds.

Given our peaceful environment, loud cell phone conversations and loud music are not allowed. Please be aware of your volume levels.

If you arrive after the start of Satsang (during silent meditation), please remain outside and sit in practice until the singing has begun so as not to disturb the other practitioners. Once the singing begins, please quietly and discreetly find a seat inside with everyone.

We observe silence (mauna) between 10:30 p.m. and 6:00 a.m. Lights out at 10:30 p.m.

Candles and incense may not be burned anywhere on the Yoga Ranch property, except during public ceremonies. Please help us to look out for fire hazards and inform the staff if a fire or hazard is observed. In case of fire, please meet by the Peace Pole. DO NOT leave the property.

In case of medical emergency, please contact a staff member or receptionist. Health insurance is each guest’s responsibility.

Enjoy nature’s beauty, but please respect the privacy of our neighbors. Please ask for a map of the grounds, forest trails, and shrines.

Please drive very slowly and courteously for safety sake. Our ashram is family friendly and young children are present.

Parking is available in the main guest parking lot only. You can drive up to the guest rooms and camp grounds to unload your car only.

No dogs, cats, or other pets are allowed on the ashram property.

All animal wildlife should be left alone, even if it is injured. If you do come across an injured animal, let the staff know. We will take appropriate measure.

Please do not hesitate to contact us at ranch@sivananda.org should you have any questions at all.


Our Accommodations