• Permaculture & Solar Energy at The Ranch

What is Permaculture?

Existing Harmoniously with Nature

The art of permaculture is a way to consciously design our agricultural ecosystems to work with nature, instead of against it, toward a sustainable future for all. In this era of consumerism, the world faces so much environmental destruction and social disconnection. Permaculture offers positive change and learning through a science-based design for living in harmony with the land.

Sustainable Living

The Yoga Ranch is committed to compassionate sustainable living as part of our spiritual practice. Caring for the Earth is caring for all life, from the health of our bodies; to the forests and gardens of the ashram; to recycling waste and capturing solar energy; to educating our guests, staff, and students on sustainable living. We believe peace begins with our compassionate care of all life.

Holistic Design

The Yoga Ranch is developing organic gardens and forest gardens to augment our food supply, and we are committed to recycling and composting our waste. The physical design of the Yoga Ranch is being modified and renovated on permaculture principles. We are integrating our classical yoga practices with the art and science of permaculture and Earth care.

Solar Powered

The Yoga Ranch is also currently seeking to build a 463-panel, 118 Kilowatt, solar array that will provide nearly 100 percent of our energy needs by the end of 2017.

Green Living

We have been training all of our staff in the principles of Earth care and permaculture for the past six years, ever since we first started offering permaculture design. We believe that permaculture is a necessary auxiliary to the yoga lifestyle in this age of life out of balance. Though this course does attract gardeners, engineers, and architects who make their living with the permaculture techniques, it is just as relevant to anyone who wants to acquire a rich toolbox for transforming their personal lives to be more dharmic and sustainable.

Just as we train yoga teachers to become good yoga practitioners, the Permaculture Design course trains people to incorporate the principles of sustainability into their day to day lives, ones that have been lost in our modern civilization.

The Yoga Ranch is pleased to present a variety of permaculture events that support our continued commitment to cultivating a harmonious relationship with the Earth as a vital part of a yoga practice. Join us as we deepen our connection to the land and continue developing a long-term permaculture design.

A Vision of Sustainability

“In the 1980’s, Swami Vishnudevananda set the Sivananda Ashrams on the path of sustainability. He saw the dangers of a social infrastructure of energy, agriculture, transportation, and waste disposal cut off from sustainability and local control. He used to joke about what would happen to New York, if the electricity, the water, or the sewage system stopped working. He fitted his house with solar panels, and passive solar heating; installed greenhouses and found ways to use the water power of the local stream. He built a log house and a pyramid from the logs in the forest. In 1979 he sent me for a weekend intensive with Bill Mollison.

– Srinivasan
   Director of The Sivananda Yoga Ranch

Solar Energy at The Ranch

As a part of our continuing mission of peace, we are raising funds to build a 463-panel, 118-kw solar array that will cover 100 percent of our energy needs while we continue to practice the yogic principle of social responsibility and integrate ecological sustainability into our operations. By reaching our fundraising goals, we can not only construct a solar array, but also bring the positive example of healthy, sustainable living to our communities, educating and inspiring, in order to be part of the solution in our climate disturbed world.

Climate activist Bill McKibben shared this inspirational message on our 40th anniversary:

We need you to work in the real world as quickly and as sharply, as powerfully, beautifully and lovingly as you can, to not only make your place more beautiful and responsible, but also to situate it in a world that’s responsible, bringing all your wisdom to bear in that direction … We’ve got to stop relying on power from down below, coal and gas and oil, and start relying on power from up above, the sun and wind.

And that is what we intend to do. By installing a solar array, the Yoga Ranch will contribute to reducing global warming, air pollution, and ultimately, help to preserve our planet. The array will prevent 90 metric tons of carbon dioxide (CO2) from entering the environment each year, which is equivalent to the annual emissions from 19 cars or 14 homes.

Donation checks can be mailed to:

P.O BOX 195

You can also make a tax-deductible donation by credit card.


Permaculture Design Course


Jared Williams
Lala Montoya &
Michael Judd

August 12th-26th, 2018


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During this 2 week course we will be building an understanding towards resilience and abundance utilizing permaculture theories and techniques. Permaculture guides our way towards understanding whole system designs that unite the individual with nature and society. Yoga in Sanskrit, literally means Union. Together, permaculture and yoga present holistic solutions which enable us to begin to live in balance with our environment and our relationships, while at the same time addressing the world’s most pressing issues with clarity and creativity.

The Permaculture Course will be taught by several experienced Permaculture Designers in the Northeast area. An incredible opportunity to learn from several perspectives. This team of educators will be growing throughout the year, so please check the Sivananda Yoga Ranch website for updates on the teachers and special speakers!

Permaculture Design Certification Course

Program Highlights

•   2-3 Field Trips to Local Permaculture Demonstration Sites
•   Access to a Library of Inspirational Resources
•   110+ Hours of Instruction
•   Permaculture Design Certification

Topics Covered

•   Ethics and Principles of Permaculture
•   Eco-Literacy for Sustainability
•   Understanding Design Strategies
•   Soil building and Compost management
•   Food Forest and Gardening techniques
•   Plant Identification exercises
•   Off-Grid Living systems & technologies
•   Introduction to Transition Towns & Sustainable Communities
•   Team building, group dynamics and project management

Jared Williams & Lala Montoya

Based out of Saugerties NY, they are developing a network of communities and individuals who work in partnership towards resilience and abundance. Lala, with a background in fine arts and education, brings creativity and a DIY attitude to the table. Jared, with experience in design and love for architecture, provides a more technical direction. Together, they travel, learn and teach permaculture. Currently they are developing projects in Kenya, Colombia, and Upstate New York which include; seed/food revival education, community building and creating permaculture demonstration sites.

Michael Judd with www.ecologiadesign.com

Michael’s beginning with whole system design began with an opportunity to live with the last of the Lacondon Mayans in southern Mexico along the Guatemalan border. Here he experienced the ancient design practices of the Mayans that ingeniously mimic natures patterns to create functional landscapes. About the same time he discovered a parallel design system coming out of Australia, “permaculture,” that applies similar landscape use of the Mayans but adapted to the modern world. Combining designs in 2001 he created Project Bona Fide on Ometepe Island, SW Nicaragua.
Today Michael remains in the Frederick area where he and his wife Ashley are building a circular strawbale home as the centerpiece to an extensive landscape that will push the realities of design to new levels…he started the paw paw festival at his long creek homestead and continues selling his book ‘Edible Landscaping with a Permaculture Twist’ .
Michael will bring into the course his insights of running a permaculture design business, working with food forest for over a decade, writing and living “Edible Landscaping with a Permaculture Twist’ and doing it all while raising a beautiful family!


Permaculture Design Course

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