• Residential Program


Adapting to the new world of the covid-19 pandemic, the Ashram is providing more long-term programs to maintain a safer environment for all. We realize that many people are working from home and can benefit from a long-term stay at the Ashram to support your practice and to immerse in the nature and the spiritual vibrations of the Ashram.
The Ashram residential program requires a minimum 2-week stay (13 nights/14 days), with special discounts available for stays of a month or longer.

Available now until the spring of 2021, the Ashram welcomes all Yoga practitioners for a spiritual retreat with ample time to work online with the available Ashram Wi-Fi or to do a personal retreat to study or write, meditate, or deepen their spiritual practice. We ask only that you honor the Ashram rules, maintain a minimum, daily yoga and meditation practice, and participate in a minimum of one hour/day of karma yoga.

The Ashram is quiet and peaceful, closed to short-term yoga vacationers due to the pandemic. We are a small group of dedicated practitioners holding the Ashram space for practice and retreat. In these times of monumental change, sadhana (spiritual practice) and reflection are great blessings to reevaluate life goals and priorities, and to explore the spiritual. Immerse yourself in the ashram environment of beautiful, wooded land in the Catskill Mountains.

Ashram Schedule:
Wake up: 5:30 am
Satsang (silent meditation/chanting/lecture) or Silent Walk: 6 am (depending on quarantine situation/weather- see below)
Yoga Class: 8 am – 10 am (when available – also options for online instruction)
Brunch: 10 am – 10:45 am
Karma Yoga: (one hour daily supporting in the ashram community); with ample opportunities to serve in the kitchen, grounds, gardens and housekeeping.
Satsang: 7:30 pm (depending on quarantine situation/weather- see below)
Lights Out: 9:30 pm
Also available: Full access to our Online Programs


  • Two-week minimum stay
  • Covid Testing before arrival
  • One Week quarantine away from the main building and wearing mask in public.
  • Proper distancing, daily temperature reading (digital)
  • Special Notes:
    Satsangs or a Silent Walk will be held each morning and on some evenings. (minimal participation in group satsang is mandatory after quarantine completed).
    Satsang takes place in the temple in the main building. (The main building is closed to those in quarantine).

    Classical Yoga practice – once a day
    Delicious vegetarian meals – twice a day
    Vitalizing Satsang (silent meditation, mantra chanting and contemporary spiritual lecture) –once or twice a day
    Sharing in the practice of Karma Yoga (selfless service) – an hour a day
    Plenty of free time to relax, connect, and socialize with new and old friends

    Prices per night:
    Bring Your Own Tent (Residential Program) – $50.00
    Single Room (Residential Program) – $100.00
    2 Beds in a Double Room (Residential Program) – $150.00
    Apartment (1 person) – Residential Program – $150.00
    Apartment (2 people, Queen Bed) – Residential Program – $200.00
    Apartment (2 people, Twin Beds) – Residential Program – $200.00

    Discount for month long stays- get a week free!