Daily Schedule

In order to maintain the proper rhythm and atmosphere of the ashram, your daily attendence at both satsangs* and hatha yoga asana classes is required. Please arrive a little early to get settled in before the activities begin. We suggest entering the temple at least 10 minutes prior to meditation. This is a wonderful opportunity for self reflection and prayer. You are welcome to bring your own meditation pillow, shawl and prayer beads (mala), if desired. We gladly offer meditation mats and cushions for your convenience. Read our temple guidelines.

Both Hatha Yoga classes are two hours and suited for all experience levels. You are welcome to bring your own yoga mat if you wish although we do have community yoga mats you are welcome to borrow should you need one. Please be sure to communicate to our yoga teachers prior to the class beginning about any injuries or health conditions  prior to each class beginning. This will ensure your safety and also educate you about which variations are perfectly suited for you.

The Yoga Ranch is a volunteer-based nonprofit organization who welcomes you to come and explore the Yoga lifestlyle. All guests at the ashram are highly encouraged to join the staff for one-hour of the practice of Karma Yoga, or selfless service, to help maintain the upkeep of this sacred space. Interesting in joining our service community?


Daily Schedule

  5:30am       Wake up bell
  6:00am       Satsang* or Silent Walk
  8:00am       Hatha Yoga Class
10:00am       Organic Vegetarian Brunch
11:00am       Karma Yoga
12:00pm       Optional Activity (coaching class, walk or activity)

  2:00pm       Lecture, Activity or Free Time (see calendar)
  4:00pm       Hatha Yoga Class
  6:00pm       Organic Vegetarian Dinner
  8:00pm       Satsang
10:30pm       Lights Out

* Satsang = 30-minute silent meditation, kirtan/chanting, spiritual lecture. Daily activity schedule, or possible schedule changes, will be announced during morning Satsang.



Read Our Ashram Guidelines


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