Join the Sivananda Yogis cycling team with Srinivasan and Mahadev Chaitanya, in this year's Climate Ride from Manhatten to Washington D.C. (September 20th-24th), or by becoming a team sponsor. 

As a part of our continuing mission of peace, we are raising funds to build a 118-kw solar array that will cover nearly 100% of our energy needs. The Yoga Ranch community has been dedicated for decades to living sustainably and providing programs that teach such methods to the public. 

Our founder Swami Vishnudevananda set the bar of spiritual activism with his famous peace missions in the 1970's and 1980's and his passion for honoring Dharma.  The Climate Ride, offers us a perfect opportunity to connect with 200 other climate activists in demonstrating our commitment to a sustainable future, as we ride together on a 300 mile journey to our nation's capitol. 

We are committed to engaging ourselves and our community in this positive action. All money raised will go to the Yoga Ranch solar project and to maintaining the positive global voice of the Climate Ride organization.

It truly is a Peace Mission by bicycle. Let us gather together as a team and speak through our actions, showing that it is possible to take on the global problem of climate change with positive engagement.

You can offer your support to this demonstration of bicycle power to move a community, either by joining our team on your bicycle, by reaching out to your community of friends, family and work; or by helping to sponsor one of our team riders in this charity event. 

By reaching our fundraising goals, we can not only construct a solar array, but also, we can bring the positive example of healthy, sustainable living to our communities, educating and inspiring, in order to be part of the solution in our climate disturbed world. 

Commitment is the first step to change. Self-effort is the expression of commitment and the proof that change is possible. We welcome riders to join us on the ground and to reach out to your groups of friends, family and work to raise $3200 each. Mahadev Chaitanya and I are looking to find 32 sponsors of $100 each to sustain this ride, which would go towards our group goal of $10,000, building a collective of supporters to make this a real team effort. If $100 is too much, then you can still be part of a larger community of supporters with a smaller donation.

As climate activist Bill McKibben said in his inspirational message to our 40th Anniversary, Sustainable Community Conference in July, "We need you to work in the real world as quickly and as sharply, as powerfully, beautifully and lovingly as you can, to not only make your place more beautiful and responsible, but also to situate it in a world that's responsible, bringing all your wisdom to bear in that direction ... We've got to stop relying on power from down below, coal and gas and oil, and start relying on power from up above, the sun and wind," and that is what we intend to do.

Climate Ride NYC-DC is a cycling adventure that connects two of the nation's great cities, New York City and Washington, DC - by bicycle. The ride begins with an exciting departure from Manhattan by ferry, then travels through charming towns in rural New Jersey and Amish Country, ending in a hero's welcome and rally at the steps of the US Capitol. The Ride includes food, accommodations, daily luggage transport, a nightly speaker series and, of course, yoga classes lead by members of our team! 

The ride is fully-supported by a group of experienced leaders who are with you every step of the way to help with fundraising and training. The ride includes: food, accommodations, daily luggage transport, a nightly speaker series and yoga classes lead by members of our team.

For more information on becoming a rider or a sponsor, you can check out our Sivananda Yogis team page here or search by rider at  The Sivananda Yoga Ranch is one of the beneficiaries of the climate ride that can be selected by our team riders and any other race participants (look for our unity in diversity logo).

We believe whole-heartedly that solar energy is playing an important role in weaning us off of fossil fuels and thus part of a yoga for the earth, revitalizing ecosystems and spreading a sense of unity in diversity across the globe. Being a beneficiary for Climate Ride allows us to spread the word farther while having a blast riding alongside those as committed as we are to sustainability and social change. 

We hope to hear from you soon.


Om & Prem,

Srinivasan & Mahadev Chaitanya                                                                          Sivananda Ashram Yoga Ranch  

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